2014 Calendar Template

Have you made a new resolution for year 2014? New year is getting closer. You’d better make one before it is too late. But, you should take a look at your 2013 resolution to evaluate your last resolution and make more reasonable ones. Using this 2014 calendar should help you map your resolution into a real plan to minimize any risks for not fulfilling it.

2014 Calendar Template for Excel

2014 Calendar Template

These 2014 calendar templates are created in Microsoft Excel, and they require a minimum 2007 version to make sure all the function and formula work properly. There are several models you can choose to map your plans inside the calendar. How do you map it? In the first model, the one with dates only in calendar worksheet, you have to write your dates down inside the event tables in the calendar (there are 3 event tables with fixed dates input cells and 3 event tables with range dates input cells). When you finished typing it, you will see related dates marked with different font size and color in the calendar.

The second model will allow you to write dates next month tables. But, it is limited that only 8 important dates that can be marked inside the calendar and those dates are fixed dates. This model is suitable for you who don’t have plenty of events and don’t have good memory to remember what events that you have marked on the calendar. But, in this model, you won’t find any range option table to put your consecutive events. You must use the first model if you think you will need to mark those dates.

There are the 3rd model that you might need it if you think you’d rather to have linear dates layout. This one is suitable for you who are running a project where seeing consecutive dates marked in linear display will help you aware about the progress of the project. And with features as the first model, you can easily insert other important dates, like project phase due dates, overlay on top of those linear dates.

Just download these 2014 calendars and play around with it so you can select the best one that suit your needs.

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