Applicant Data Record Form Template

Working as a recruiter in the company is not an easy job. There are so many things that they need to do and prepare when the company want to open recruitment. Once the recruitment is open for public, there will be lots of applications that need to be sorted by the recruiters. They need to sort the applications based on standard requirements that already set by the company. Sometimes the job to sort hundred of applications is really frustrating. It is really hard to organize hundred of applications and find the data that they needed. The recruiters need to file the applicants’ data in one map and it will take longer time to find the file that they needed when they want to contact the applicant personally if they gather all of the applications in one place.

Applicant Data Record Form Template for Excel

Applicant Data Record Form Template

But this reason is not longer a big matter for the recruiters, because now you can find applicant data record to help you organizing the data of applicants. It is much better than gather the applicants’ data in hard copy form and keep it on one map. You just need to open the computer and you can already access the information of applicants.

There are 9 columns in this sample applicant data log that you can use to sort the applicants’ data. The first and second column is for last name and first name of the applicants. The third column is for M.I and the fourth column is for position that they applied for. The column number five is for e-mail address and the column number six is for source for application. The next column is for the date when the recruiters received the resume. Column number eight is for recruiters name and the last column is for recruiters note.

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