Attendance Manager Spreadsheet

It is an important task to do for any size of business to record the employees’ attendance. It will be the basic data used to evaluate each staff performance and value their invested time for the company. You must never want to pay a person who does not give much contribution to your business, right? On the other hand, a diligent and dedicated employee deserves for special reward for what he has done to the company. You have to act fairly and to know the performance of each employee, you should track their attendance.

Attendance Manager Spreadsheet for Excel

Attendance Manager Spreadsheet

You can utilize this Attendance Manager spreadsheet for your purposes. It is a type of customized calendar spreadsheet which is made exclusively to manage, monitor and track your staff presence. The lite version of this attendance manager can be used to manage your employees, maximum 25 employees, for one year period. There are some useful features like custom holidays and employee absences which will be automatically calculated to reduce their total working days, and also some color markers which will ease you to see the performance of your employees. There is also a dashboard worksheet which will summarize all important points you should watched in one year period.

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