Calorie Intake Calculator

Every person needs different amount of calories every day. The amount of calories they need is based on the activity that they do every day. If you have a lot of activities to do every day, then you must need some more calories to burn than people who just sit and watch television at home every day. You must burn some calories to fulfill your needs for energy so you can do all your activities optimally.

Calorie Intake Calculator for Excel

Calorie Intake Calculator

The calorie intake that is needed by each person is different based on the age, gender, and also the height, weight, and the activity that they have every day. That is why you need calorie intake calculator to help you measure how much calorie that you need for your activity every day. It can show you how much calorie you should have if you are doing no activity or basically just stay at home and do nothing, or whether you are a barely active person who do several sports a week, or if you are a very active person with many kinds of activity.

The calorie intake calculator lets you calculate the amount of calories that you need by your own. You can simply add your name, your age, gender, weight, and height. You have to calculate your BMR first and put it on the template too. After that you have to choose whether you are a sedentary person with little or no activity, lightly active, moderately active, very active, or even extra active. It will help to reveal how much calorie that you need for a day, and you can know it as soon after you fill the template.

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