Calories Burned Calculator

Evidence suggests that even light physical activities can have both short and long term benefits for your health. And if done daily, it should help you lower your risk of heart disease. You always hear that doing any sports will be good to your health, but just don’t do it excessively.

This is a calories burned calculator created in Microsoft Excel which should help you calculate the calories you have burned based on activities you have done or will have burned based on your planning activities. This tool will be useful to monitor your body weight while eating or doing measurable activities. Every activities has been recorded and measured by scientist to give them formula which will show you how much calories will be burned by people for particular activities with certain weight.

Calories Burned Calculator Template for Excel

Calories Burned Calculator

In order to use this template, you must put your weight, select the activity you intend to do and type the amount of time you plan to spend. The excel formula will automatically calculate the calories which will be burned. The more fatter your are, the more calories you will burn. There are 15 available rows that you can use to calculate it at once. If you cannot find your specific activity, select the activity which is closer with it.

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