Car Rental Reservation Template

For the owner of car rental business, they know exactly how important is to have complete information on the car they have, the availability, the reservation and so on. This kind of information is important so they can serve anyone who makes reservation quite easily. Having a simple program or template to work on this will be very helpful since they don’t need to make something on their own and probably forgetting something.

Car Rental Reservation Template for Excel

Car Rental Reservation

The car rental reservation template is extremely helpful in this matter. The template has two sections, the car reservation section and car availability table.  The car availability table will keep the information about which car that is available at the specific time (hourly and daily), while the car reservations section keep the information about who is using which car, including the address, ID and how long the car will be used.

This is how it works. When someone makes a reservation for an car/auto, the administrator will look at the car availability to know which car is free on the date or hour that people need it. Once the reservation is made, then they need to make changes on the car availability information and car reservation section so nothing will miss out.

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