Client Tracker Template

In order to provide with a better service in dealing with their clients, the companies need a complete data about their clients especially the data concerning their clients’ performance. This is very important since the data will be needed for further evaluation. The companies will use a guidance in selecting the necessary data to be recorded.

Client Tracker Template for Excel

Client Tracker Template

This client tracker template is a fine example of the guidance mentioned above. It simulates doctor’s environment and using its clients as data information. Using this template, the companies can easily select and save the data that they need. Every single recorded aspect will be used for evaluating the performance. By doing so, the company will know the needed actions for  certain issues and the things that has to be done immediately to increase the performance.

This client tracker template has three worksheets. The first is the facilities worksheet. The sheet lists the complete facility of the company which will be measured based on some different aspects such as flexibility, amenities, staff, upkeep and technology. Each aspect will be measured using good, medium and bad category. Together with the information which is available in worksheet 2, the company can find the summary of the whole facility and able to determine the action that needs to be done immediately.

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