College Budget Calculator Template

With the world economic condition these days, the price of goods and the other basic needs are getting higher year by year. We need to live economically and make a budget plan to control the income and outcome. For you who still study in college, you can start to make your own college budget plan so you can control the money and not running out of money when the month is not end yet. You need to make budget plan each month, so you will able to know what are you doing with your money and how much that you need each month to cover all of your needs. The college budget plan will help you to manage your income each month, so you will able to save your money to buy many things that you want.

College Budget Calculator Template for Excel

College Budget Calculator Template

The college budget calculator template will help you to calculate your income and expense for a month. It will make your financial condition become more stable and organized. Besides helping you to organize your money, this template will also prevent you from wasting too much time for rewriting the same budget format every month. You just need to use the template and fill the column that already available to make college budget plan.

There are two main columns in college budget calculator template that you need to fill. The first one is income column and the second one is expense column. Income column is covering savings, financial aid for emergency needs, part time job (if you have one), parents allowance and the other incomes. The expenses column is covering room rent, mobile phone, utilities, laundry, groceries, gasoline (if you ride car), books, internet, school fees, medical and the other additional needs (such as cosmetics and entertainment).

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