Compound Interest Calculator

Saving money at the bank is almost the same with having investment. However, you will not experience the extreme chance on the profit. If you want the saved money gets increasing, you have to send the deposit periodically. The bank will give interest and make the amount of cash you save grow.

Compound Interest Calculator Template for Excel

Compound Interest Calculator Template

Do you completely understand with the calculation done by the banks about your savings? If you do not, try to use Compound Interest Calculator. As what you see on the advertisements, a local bank can offer 1% of interest for certain sum of saved money. If you check the account book, you will see the amount of interest added on each month is different. Do you know why? It is what called as compound interest. After the first addition, the next interest will be determined by the last total amount. This calculation will happen continuously. If you want to know how much money totaled after certain period of savings, you can use Compound Interest Calculator. However, do not forget about the regular administrative costs that will affect the amount of saved cash.

This tool is free to use. And it should help you to choose the best bank to save your money.

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