Daily Planner Template

For people who have so many activities during a day, a daily planner will mean much for them. What is daily planner? This planner takes form like a calendar with notes on each date telling about the plan or scheduled activity for that day. For example, 1 January 2013: meeting with client.

Daily Planner Template for Excel

Daily Planner Template

Daily planner contains the plans of activities or events during a month or a year. In fact, it can be designed in various kinds of template; depending on the available time of the schedule. Most people will categorize the planner by month, but there are also many of them who prefer to create a year daily planner. For those whose activities have been set even up to December when the New Year is just coming, a year planner suits the best.

Because changes are absolutely possible to happen, people often make adjustments on their daily planners. Therefore, some extra columns should be there in case more changes are needed. The importance of daily planner is that people can organize their activities in better way. Moreover, it functions also as an alarm, preventing forgotten agenda; whenever people look at it, they will remember their schedule.

You can download the free daily planner template below. First, you have to define the time you want to display in your daily planner based on your daily working time. Then, put custom holidays in setup worksheet. It will shown as red marker in daily planner worksheet. You can personalize the layout, fonts, color etc based on your own preference.

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