Employee Database Manager

Employee Database Spreadsheet is a great way to manage the database on your company regarding to your employees. It uses Microsoft Excel, the program that will provide results that also can be easily transferred to Word or PowerPoint. You may wonder what kind of data format you can use, whether or not you need to create the table by your own and type the data, or use one worksheet for one employee. The employee database spreadsheet will help you to do it in a most effective way.

Employee Database Manager for Excel

Employee Database Manager for Excel

This database manager comes in a simple approach. This will ease you to develop it, to meet the needs of your company. Customization is allowed. The idea is to assign one employee to one worksheet, and put all needed information in one column only.  All information will be mapped in one row in its dummy database which should ease you to process inputted data.

This Employee Database Spreadsheet comes in two versions. The lite version that allows you to manage maximum 15 employees and the paid version that allows you to make any kind of customization and manage until 150 employees. Beside database, there are summaries and dashboard worksheets that you can use as references to create your own, or you can just use it. So, you will have to test all available features in the free version before decided to purchase the paid version. And as explained before, it uses one single data column approach that will make any people who has basic knowledge of excel can operate and customize it while updating the data easily.

Its Benefits
This employee database manager for Excel will be suitable for those who are looking for an easy yet simple way to use database format in excel. You will not start it from the scratch. If you want to move the information and data from printed documents to excel, this database manager will help you a lot. Especially in grouping each information you have, based on its category. Another benefit is for those who have small knowledge in operating excel, this database manager will be very easy to access. This manager is also ideal for those who want to gather information in single spreadsheet. For company who want to save time and money to input and process the employee’s information, having this software will help you a lot. You just have to provide a minimum Excel 2007 for Windows or Excel 2008 for Mac to operate it well.

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