Employee Timesheet Template

If you are a Human Resource manager in a company, then you must have realized about the importance of employee attendance tracker. It refers to a tool used directly to monitor the productivity and the performance of employees. That tracker, on the other hand, is in the form of a time sheet. Basically, this type of sheet is created to determine the payroll for a specified period of time (it can be one day, two days, one or two weeks and so on).

Employee Timesheet Manager for Excel

Employee Timesheet Template

As you will see, such time sheet can be modified. People can now see different types of time sheet, which are mainly called as an employee time sheet.  This becomes a useful tool to monitor the presence and absence of employees during a specified period of time. This free employee timesheet below can accommodate the needs of customization. There is a setup worksheet where you can define several important timesheet parameters such as working days, normal hour per day, absence/leave codes, holidays. After you set the parameters, you can start printing the custom timesheet, either weekly or biweekly. Instead of using this template to print the timesheet, you can use it also to record your employee working time and use it to calculate their payroll.

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