Euro 2016 Prediction Game Spreadsheet

Good news for you who are fans of soccer sport. Introducing Euro 2016 prediction game spreadsheet that can be your other ways to enjoy this tournament along with friends. It is an excel template that allows you to manage your euro 2016 tournament prediction game. There are many options you can select in this spreadsheet to decide what kind of prediction game you want to apply among your friends. And with macro-free excel codes, you can use it in different Excel version and Computer OS (Windows/Mac) without problem.

Euro 2016 Prediction Game

Euro 2016 Prediction Game

To set this spreadsheet, you should :
1. Determine the prediction and points earned
First, you need to setup the worksheet and customize the group level points. Not to forget points earned are divided into 3 categories:
a. Players will earn highest points (100 points), if the match result meets their prediction.
b. Players will earn 75 points, if the match results meets their prediction with incorrect goal score but with the same goal score difference.
c. Players will earn 50 points, if the match winner meets their prediction with incorrect goal scores and incorrect goal scores difference

In knock out round, you are given 2 options. First, option to select teams in knock out round based on player’s prediction or based on real match results. Second, you are allowed whether or not you include or exclude penalty kick in your player point calculation.

Then you can continue to set points for knock out matches.

There are extra points any players can earn based on correct prediction on certain conditions below :
a. Group winners
b. Group runner ups
c. Group 3rd places
d. 16 Qualified teams
e. 12-15 Qualified teams
f. 8-11 Qualified teams
g. Pairing teams
h. Winner team

2. Insert player names in player scoreboard worksheet
Put your player names in this worksheet. In case you have players with similar names, make sure to put additional distinction marker (it could be number or other symbols) which can differentiate it with the names that has already been registered. Otherwise, a red color will be shown automatically as a sign of duplicate names.

3. Insert prediction of player’s score in all players worksheet and real score results in tournament worksheet
Insert all players prediction in all players worksheet and real tournament match result in tournament worksheet. Built-in excel formula will calculate and compare prediction and real result to produce points to each players based on points and conditions set in setup worksheet up.

4. Track player’s rank in player leaderboard worksheet
You can track player’s rank after all match results is out in the worksheet. There are 3 condition of players rank position. They are will be ranked based on :
– Higher points
– Higher correct prediction
– Entry order

If your players are 15 or less, you can use this free spreadsheet. If you need more, you can upgrade to the unlocked version that can accommodate until 100 players.

  Euro 2016 Prediction Game (2.4 MiB, 2,780 hits)

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