FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule Template

FIFA World Cup 2014 is an international football event, held every four years, that usually will freeze all people activities around the world. 32 countries will fight to be crowned as a Football World Champion. Brazil, as the tournament host, will try to get their 6th trophy, while Spain will try to defend their World Cup title. And you know what, Brazil and Spain could meet in round of 16 instead of meet in the final. It could happen if Brazil won Group A and Spain become a runner up in Group B, or vice versa. This World Cup 2014 Excel Schedule could help you on tracking the progress of all team, especially your favorite team, as well as simulating knock out stages matches based on scores that you put in this spreadsheet. You don’t have to worry about group standings or knock out matches. All standings and matches pair are calculated and placed automatically by hidden excel formulas.

World Cup 2014 Schedule Template

World Cup 2014 Schedule Excel Template

You can personalize this spreadsheet as follows :
-> Change language : Select your language from a list of more than 40 languages. If you couldn’t find your language, you can add it by selecting “Custom” and translate the english language into your language in language worksheet
-> Change timezone : Select your city from a list of more than 100 cities. If you couldn’t find your city, select the city which has the same timezone with yours
-> Highlight match : Highlight your match by selecting group, name, and venue in highlight dropdown list. Delete the name to remove its highlight.

Once you set it up, you can start using it by putting the scores in related score boxes. You can put your own score and simulate how your favorite team will end up based on your prediction. There are two big parts in this spreadsheet. Group matches part where you type the scores in score boxes between country names, and knock out matches where you type the score at the right side of country names. The knock out part has a bracket layout which will ease you to track your favorite team progress until the end of tournament. There is a group color guidance which will highlight team boxes in knock out bracket which should help you identifying the group of your team in knock out stages.

There are plenty models available in the original website, including original World Cup 2014 excel template which has the unlocked version.

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