Fitness Chart for Men Template

When men are working out in a gym, it is very important to track the progress of the program they are carrying out. Experts said that tracking the progress will help improve the result and the goals will be achieved faster. It means, the training will be more effective. However, tracking the progress of fitness training is not easy and not every man is able to do it. But, it can be solved using fitness chart for men.

Excel Fitness Chart for Men Template

Fitness Chart for Men Template

Man and woman are different, which is why the fitness chart required is also different. Fitness chart for men contains the size of the chest, waist and hips, body weight, estimated lean body weight, estimated body fat weight, estimated body fat percentage and estimated BMI (body mass index) columns. Each column must be filled before and after doing the training. However, it must be done routinely because if it is skipped or missed, the track then will be hard to follow.

Fitness chart for men is very helpful because it will help recognize the effectiveness of the fitness program. Downloading such template is much easier than we have to do it by our own because it is fast and easy to fill in. So, by using the fitness chart, we will know how our body improves. Anyway, you can personalize its layout to suit your personal style.

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