Fitness Chart for Women Template

Fitness chart for women is different with the chart for men. The reason is that the goals targeted by women are different from men. Generally, men want to establish not only their fitness but also their muscles; they want to improve their masculinity. Women are different; what they want is just healthier body. Many of them go exercising for burning body fat; they want to improve their physical appearance with ideal body shape.

Excel Fitness Chart for Women Template

Fitness Chart for Women Template

Fitness chart for women can be utilized for tracking almost all of the training programs, including walking, jogging, swimming, strength training and many more. It is claimed as one of the simplest fitness charts that can be found on the internet. It is not difficult to use it because the form is quite simple. There are just columns that have to be filled with the facts, such as the date of the training, body weight before exercising, the size of the chest, the size of the hips, the size of the waist, size of the forearm and many more.

The numbers filled in the columns show the progress of the training; it will also show the fitness level. By reading the fitness chart for women, how much fat which has been burned for a certain period can also be traced. This template below is created to help you monitor the progress of your workout to shape your body into your ideal condition. But, remember to always consult with your physical trainer or doctor to make sure that you are not overtraining.

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