Gradebook Template

Gradebook will help teachers in fulfilling their responsibility on evaluating their students. It can be downloaded easily from certain websites if your school doesn’t have one. Usually, the template is created using Microsoft Excel to ease the teachers doing certain calculation. In some templates, the teacher just needs to fill the names of students and their grades and the spreadsheet will automatically calculate student’s averages for each subject they follow. You can have the template for free and it is easy to use as you can see in this template.

Gradebook Template for Excel

Gradebook Template

There are many gradebook templates on the internet, so it is important to find the best one that can suit the needs of teachers, including those who work in elementary schools. Gradebook template is very useful because teachers will be able to finish their jobs faster than if they create gradebook by their own. Such template is designed specially to help teachers’ duties that usually come at the end period of the semester.

The gradebook template consists of various versions, from the simplest versions to the most complex ones. Usually, a simple version provides only some basic columns while the complete one puts other items. It depends on the level, elementary teachers surely need the simple version while higher grade teachers require more complex version. But basically, both versions are just the same; they are easy to operate and teachers do not have to spend their time on creating grade books.

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