Home Inventory Record Template

Your home has many valuable items that you hold. What you need is to make a list on the items that you have as the proof of your ownership if something bad happen such as fire, burglary or other natural disaster. When you have the list, you can present it to the insurance company and they can give you the proper payment for what you have lost. This is when home inventory comes in handy.

Home Inventory Record Template

Home inventory is the list that has everything of what you have inside your property along with the photograph. When disaster happen or when you have to move out to another location, the list will let you know if you have left something behind or lost it along the way. You can list your inventory in a spreadsheet to make it easier for you to enter the data and you can do that sequentially.

You can list and make record of your home inventory based on what you find it more efficient and easier for you to understand. You can make the worksheet based on room after room inventory or based in the type of items. Along with the list, you also can put up the brand or model, serial number, warranty, purchase date, purchase store and other information that you find important. This way you will have full record on what you have and even use it for estate planning package and things like that.  Lots of thing that you need to record so, take it slow but do not neglect it or you will regret it.

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