Hotel Reservation Template

When you run a hotel business, you need to have everything set up in order to give maximum service to your guess. One of them is hotel reservation management software or a worksheet. It was actually a way for you to make list on future room reservation and be prepared for your guest. It was a simple worksheet actually, where you can make it on your own or get it from other source that you can customize based on what your hotel has.

Hotel Reservation Template

Hotel reservation worksheet will have two or more worksheet depend on your need. The first worksheet will have the data of upcoming reservation that was listed based on the booking number. It will record the booking number, guest name, guest contact number, check in time, and check out time, room type, and number. This is actually the detailed worksheet that will inform you about who and when your room was booked and which room that your guest book.

The second hotel reservation worksheet is the availability information, which will show you the information about the availability of each room in your hotel for certain period of time (take example for this month only). This worksheet will give you the big picture of what you have in your hotel for that time, how much guest that you have, which room that was empty and which room that was not. If anyone called and makes reservation you can make a quick arrangement based on their request date and availability of the room and certainly will make the job easier.

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