Hourly Vacation Planner Template

Employee Hourly Vacation Planner is a mean to plan and track the attendance of your employees. It is in an excel format. With built-in codes, it is able to track both part-time and full-time employees within one year period. It should help the management to manage their employees, who sometimes work based in hours, and have various working days in a week. You do not need any conventional way to track it.

Use the idea, and work with ease.
How to use it is very easy. The template is super simple, since you only will work with one worksheet and see the report or summary in other worksheets. What you need to do is just input all employee basic information, their working hours, and also their allocated and taken leaves in main worksheet. This will record what they do for a year. In the summary worksheet, then, you can see their attendances, which are grouped into weekly, monthly, and also custom time period. This will ease you to calculate the wages you need to pay. What a great feature to have for companies.

Excel Hourly Vacation Planner

Excel Hourly Vacation Planner

Vacation Tracker Worksheet
There are two kinds of worksheets you will work with while using this impressive tracker. What you need to do is typing the employees’ names in the Vacation Tracker directly. Yet, before you type all of it, fill the company fiscal year start date in that cell. You need to know that the starting date will be always started on  Monday. Some attendance, vacation, and leave codes are needed to be typed. This will perform as its hour, to calculate the attendance.

There are some codes to be modified, if needed, those are vacation codes, holiday codes, and non-working day codes. While other codes aren’t because they are hardcoded in excel formula for report purposes.

There are two versions of hourly vacation planner spreadsheet, the free version will give you 25 rows for the employees’ names, while the paid version will provide you 250 rows for the employees’ names.

Vacation Summary Worksheets
The Employee Hourly Vacation Planner will provide you the summary worksheets for reporting and wages calculation purposes. Those are weekly, monthly and custom (available in paid version that will allow you to select dates) report worksheets.

The main benefit you get from this excel spreadsheet is that you will save much time in planning, tracking, recording, and also processing the attendance. Some business witness that they cut 70% each month, to do such action. Employees can focus on their work, and not be busy to track their own attendance.

Human error in bookkeeping is real. Though they have spreadsheet, calculator, or another computation device, human error may still happen. If a worker misplace decimal or digit, and they don’t realize it, and leave it uncorrected, this can affect to the bottom line, negatively. This excel template is already equipped with hour calculation formulas that should help you erasing manual hour calculation activity.

When you use tracker, your employees can access their record by themselves. This will be fair, then, when both the employees and the management can watch together. This allows the employees to see how they spend their time at work, and the days remaining for vacation. Working will be more efficient by using Employee Hourly Vacation Planner.

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