Household Budget Template

As the one that responsible for the house financial condition, which means you know where the money comes from and where it goes. You definitely need to have monthly budget for the income and expenses to makes sure that the expenses does not go up beyond the income. This is what you called household budgets, where you have to make a plan on how much money that you will have and how much money that will go out.

Household Budget Template

Two main parts of the household budgets plan is income and expenses. You can sort them out into several worksheet starts from income. Keep records on the source of income, where it comes from (salary, pension, bonus, or things like that), and how much was that. If you have investment that produces monthly income, you also need to write them down.

The second part of household budgets is expenses. This part holds many sections and category. You can make your expenses plan based on several categories such as monthly expenses for daily need like grocery, clothes, medical need, and others. There are also regular repayment expenses such as electricity bill, house rental, subscription, credit card, and others. You can make the budgeting plan for each month for one year. This way you can make evaluation and see does the plan work out or it needs some adjustment to make sure everything has been covered up or maybe you can find more room where you can get more money for your saving account.

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