Inventory Control Sheet

An inventory control spreadsheet can be easily made using Microsoft Excel. But if you can’t invest a little time to make one, you are able to directly find the free template to download online. It is usually ready to use to record the inventory flow of any business or company.

Inventory Control Sheet

Inventory Control Sheet

How to Use It

If you have downloaded the template of inventory control sheet, you can print it in some copies. Just adjust the number based on your actual needs. It is important to save an empty copy for future use. It lets you save the time as you do not need to wait for another printing process getting completed. Remember that the form is customizable. You have the flexibility to modify the document to meet your needs.

It is all up to you how to use the sheet. You can just let it in soft copies or print it into hard copies. The main goal is to keep a note of the inventory numbers of given parts or items. Since the inventory control sheet may contain of few formulas, it is much simpler to have it in soft copies. You can access it through the computer or other internet based equipment. Otherwise, if you feel comfortable with the old fashion way, you can directly fill each blank space manually in by hand. It means that you have to print the form first.

At the top part of the sheet, you can place the name of the item. Do not forget with the number of item and sheet. For the inventory control document body, you can break it into three parts, i.e. Ordered, Received and Sold. Within each of these parts, you can sum the totals of inventory. Take for example when you are going to use the “Ordered” category. There are several points to add including the date, order number, vendor and quantity. Importantly, you should keep the interface of sheet straightforward to allow others easily performing any inventory duty with the same tool. It won’t take much time for the new staff to learn how to use the document.

Get the Free Sheet Online

As a business owner, you have to know how many stocks you still have or need to order. To keep the recording easier, you are able to use the simple template made from Microsoft. It is also possible to take the advantage of other templates, spreadsheets and calculators. The inventory control and those supporting tools are available to be downloaded at no cost.

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