Marketing Budget Plan Template

You need to think about the marketing plan when you running a business, so you can make your business become successful. You can increase the sales with marketing plan and it will make you much easier to organize your business. And with the development of technology these days, you can find marketing budget plan template that will help you to make marketing plan without need to waste too much time rewriting and calculating the budget manually.

Marketing Budget Plan Template for Excel

Marketing Budget Plan Template

All you have to do is just fill the blank column with the data that you have. The information that you need to fill is covering personnel data, market research data, marketing communications, channels, customer acquisition and retention and the other. You can gather the amounts of income and outcome during the year in one format, so you will be able to calculate the marketing budget that suits with your business financial condition.

The personnel data is including salaries or wages, benefits, payroll taxes, commissions and bonuses. The market research data is including data of primary and secondary research and also library management. The marketing communications data is covering branding, advertising, web sites, direct marketing, internet marketing, collateral, press relations, public relations, analyst relations and events. All the information and data that required by the template will help you to calculate the budget for one with considering many aspects that related with your business. The marketing budget plan template is very easy to use and it will also very helpful to predicting your marketing budget accurately.

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