Media Plan Budget Template

One of the essential tools that can be used to promote your business is media plan. With media plan, you can find out the way on how to promote your products so the customers will recognize it. You need a great plan to promote your products if you want to make your business getting bigger and successful. You can maximize the use of media to promote your products and make it familiar to the customers.

Media Plan Budget Template for Excel

Media Plan Budget Template

When you arrange media plan to promote your business, you also need to calculate the budget for the promotion through media. If you do not understand on how to make the media plan budget, you do not need to worry. You can find media plan budget template on the internet to make the media plan budget for your business. It will much easier for you and you will not wasting too much time just to arrange the budget.

You can download a sample of an excel media plan budget template below. It is consisting of 9 columns. The first column is for web properties. The second column is for CPM/CPC. The third column is ad serving costs. The fourth and fifth column is for gross and net price. The sixth column is for impressions ordered. Column number seven is for clicks ordered and column number eight is for gross total. The last column is for net total and if you already submit all of the data, you can make the total from gross total. Then you can submit the final result of gross total with plus adserving to get the total media plan. Feel free to modify or create your own media plan based on this template.

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