Mileage Log Book

It will become both challenging and troublesome if you have a business to take care about in your life. It is true that the main reason why people need to conduct business is to gain better income in their life. Yet, running for business may require huge responsibilities for any of you. One of important aspects to pay attention actually is to make sure that you can distribute your products better to the consumer.

Excel Mileage Log Spreadsheet

Mileage Log

Such kind of aspect may become more important to consider when you realize that you have delivery business. In order to enhance the way you record the process of distribution and also the way you gain efficiency of the gas cost to provide, the need to use mileage log indeed may become good idea. Like the name cited, such mileage log template can be utilized as the way you gain good record of your business fleet in how to distribute products or simply as transportation for the sake of company. As business owners, you should be able to conduct monitoring effort to your business fleet activity. The purpose is both to gain more organized mileage log but also to prevent any misuse of your business fleet.

In creating mileage log, there will be basic information that you should include such as the employee ID, name, title, department, vehicle ID, and period of time, rate, total mileage, and also total rate in USD. On the below of such information, you need to input 8 columns which are date, starting place, destination, purpose, start mile, end mile, mileage, and also rate. Feel free to personalize it to meet your company requirement.

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