New Year’s Resolution Template


New Year will come within a few months. Therefore, many people have setup many expectations before that moment. When we talk about New Year, there is new spirit that comes to our mind, as well as our body. New Year comes once, but the new spirit will always come again and again. So is there anyone who comes with New Year’s resolution? Well, surely there is a person who has already written some resolution for the New Year.  Some people choose to write down some resolution through a paper, while the other might choose to write those in digital form.

New Years Resolution Template

New Year, at the same time, is a moment when you have a plan to design projects, new habit, and individual goals. In short, New Year is a moment when you close previous chapter of the book of your life and start a new chapter that should be filled with different expectations.

This new year’s resolution template is designed to ease you write your future plan. Eventhough, based on statistics, it is very rare that these written plans are achieved 100%, it doesn’t mean that you have to worried about making planning. Regardless of the outcome, writing a good plan is much more better than not to write it, to remind you about your expectation a year before :).

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