Ovulation Calendar

For married couples, the presence of a baby is one of the most awaited moments. But it requires for some efforts sometimes for a woman to get pregnant. There are several things to consider. Most of them are about the fertility. A married woman can visit the doctor to make regular medical checkup related to the expectation about the baby.

Ovulation Calendar Template for Excel

Ovulation Calendar

The pregnancy is affected by many factors. One of them is the ovulation. It is a part of the menstrual cycle that shows the readiness of ovum for the pregnancy. Although it seems to be basic information that each woman should know, the period of this cycle is different from one to another. Therefore, they have to actively check their own cycle before making more comprehensive checking at a doctor clinic or hospital. One of the tools which can be used for personal menstrual cycle period monitoring is the ovulation calendar. The fertile date usually comes two weeks before the period begins or seven days after the end of the period. To monitor the potential fertility time, she can use the ovulation calendar and mark the dates.

This is an ovulation calendar created using Microsoft Excel which is aimed to help any couples or women to see their ovulation cycle in calendar format. Just fill in your menstrual parameter then you can print the calculation result in one full year calendar. It is suitable for people who has regular cycle. Use this calendar for reference purpose only. However, it is still highly recommended to make a more comprehensive examination at the doctor’s office.

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