Projected Balance Sheet Template

A new project might be started in a few months, so it is the time for us to prepare a balance sheet that will count all the expenses and incomes related to that project. In this sense, the project may be about building new apartment, real estate, or new company building. It is important to pay attention to all costs needed by those who takes responsibility for any incoming project. Shortly speaking, it is all about predicting the projected balance sheet which is mostly needed.

Projected Balance Sheet Template for Excel

Projected Balance Sheet Template

Projected balance sheet is an excel template comes with a simple formula which can be used to calculate the current assets, fixed assets, other assets, current liabilities, long term debt, and owners’ equity. It can be treated as a financial reference used to solve complex accounting problem using an easy method. It is not a perfect forecast that you pursue. Using that template means you need to put all details on the project including calculating additional resources that will be needed by the company. Projected balance sheet, in essence, will help those who are executing the project to work maximally in accordance to the availability of the budget.

This template below is a free projected balance sheet template that can be used as your reference to create your own balance sheet. Something that you have to remember that when you are putting all of your business numbers, make sure it is balance.

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