Restaurant Reservation Template

Having a restaurant is not complete without having your own restaurant reservation software. The restaurant reservation software can be used to keep you informed of your next reservation. Some restaurants probably have difficulties in making sure that their entire table is full especially if those restaurants are having limited seats and always full at eating time. For example, if your restaurant has ten to twenty tables, you may have no difficulties to arrange the reservation. However, if you have a big restaurant with more than 40 or 50 tables, you will have to use a certain system to control the reservation of your tables.

Restaurant Table Reservation Template for Excel

Restaurant Reservation Template

If you don’t want to spend more money on reservation software, you can download and use this restaurant reservation template created using Microsoft Excel. There is two worksheets in this template. You can put your restaurant table type, seat capacity and its number at the left table in “availability” worksheet. The available table at the right side in this worksheet will automatically updated based on any reservation put in other worksheet, “restaurant reservation worksheet”. Once you set your tables information, you can start adding any guests in “restaurant reservation” worksheet. There are some reservation samples in this template. You can start to play around with those samples and see the outcome, to give you a better understanding about on using this template.

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