Retirement Budget Calculator Template

Are you already have plan to retire from your job? If you do, then this retirement budget calculator may helpful for you. As you know, planning retirement is not an easy thing. You need to prepare so many things before your retirement day, so you can enjoy the rest of your life without need to worry on how you fulfill your family needs after you retired. You need to pay attention for various details that related with your retirement plan. And with this retirement budget calculator template, preparing money for your life after retired can be much easier.

Retirement Budget Calculator Template for Excel

Retirement Budget Calculator Template

You just need to fill some information on the column that already available on the template. The retirement budget calculator template is covering many kinds of information, such as current age and age at retirement, housing costs (including mortgage or rent; real estate taxes; maintenance and repair; home insurance), personal expenses (including grooming, clothing, vacations, auto expense, auto insurance and other), living expenses (including groceries, entertainment, utilities and telephone), medical expenses and retirement income sources. All of the information that collected in this template will be useful to make accurate prediction about the budget that you need to prepare before you retire. The template will also require you not only fill the information from current condition only, but you also need to predict expenses at your retirement.

After you already fill all of the information that required on the template, now you can make summary from it. You can calculate the annual retirement income that you need to earn, the income prediction from social security income or the other income sources and annual income shortfall.

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