Roman Numerals Chart

Do you find difficulty to memorize the Roman numbers? This number name is not too often used today. However, you can still find them on King or Queen’s names and film series. The writing is not the same with the conventional numbers. To write 1, you need to write it I. For 4, you have to use IV. Do you know how to write 49 in Roman way?

Roman Numerals Chart for Excel

Roman Numerals Chart

To memorize it all, you need to learn Roman Numerals, and to ease you understanding those system you will need a Roman Numerals Chart. It is a table with the listing of numbers written in the same way with what Roman people used to. If you want to get it, you can simply go to a bookstore and buy the chart for some pennies. The library is also a place to find the free stuff to borrow. Are you intended to have your own chart? You probably want to know how to convert them. You do not need any software. The functions available in Microsoft Excel are enough to create the personalized Roman Numerals Chart.

Just like memorizing the number facts, to be able to convert the Roman numerals really requires some efforts. If you want to help the kid learn about it, you can create the Roman Numerals Chart in customized way to meet his preferences. It will be much easier for him to comprehend the numbers. You can also color the chart and make it more attractive to be learned. For practicing, you can also provide different chart with some black cells. Ask him to fill them and check the answer using the already filled table. If you are getting confused where to start, you can just download the ready-made Roman Numerals Chart for Excel below.

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