Roommate Budget Template

If you are planning to share your room with your friends, you should consider of making an expense plan which should be share with them. By planning of expenses which will be committed by you and your friends, you will be avoided by any disputes which should arisen when the payment is due. This list should contain information like rental fee, electric, gas, cleaning, cable subscription and many more. The total of cost that the roommate has to pay will be listed from month to month.

Roommate Budget Template for Excel

Roommate Budget Template

Calculating Roommate Budget can make you and your parties able to pay the cost of the place that you have rent for one month or year. Then, you can divide how much payment that each person in your group should pay. This will prevent your friend to pay the cost expensively while they are not using the facilities in their room. Each people have to pay based on the facility in the room that they have used before. If one of your friends only uses television in the room for a month, it means that your friend should pay the cost of television faculty including the cost of electricity. Without making this spreadsheet, you will find difficulties in listing all of the payment that your friend should pay. In the end, you may encounter trouble or conflict with your friends. You can actually sum it all so that you will know the amount of payment based on group totals.

Roommate budget should be calculated accurately. Do not let yourself get careless; even one mistake can lead you into trouble with your friend. Actually, you can make list like a table. All you have to do in that table is typing the name of your friends, facilities (electricity, gas, etc), and cost. If you’re looking for a sample, you can download a free roommate budget template created in Excel below.

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