Sales Commission Calculator

A salesman knows that he can gain a lot more income than his actual salary if he can sell more. To be honest, salesman’s salary is so small. They can have a good living because of the commission. In companies, they should have the Sales Commission Calculator. It will be useful to calculate the commission that should be paid to the sales officers. This is the decent way to calculate the commission in a fast way.

Sales Commission Calculator template for Excel

Sales Commission Calculator

Sales Commission Calculator tool will help anyone, any companies to calculate the commission that should be paid to the salesmen. The commission will be paid based on the amount of the sales. The salesman will receive some percents of the selling orders that he or she has made. The bigger he sales, the more he gains the commissions.

For the company, the Sales Commission Calculator will give them the easiest way to count and calculate the commission. They only need to input the name of the salesman or saleswoman and the selling orders that they have made. Then, the commission amount will appear instantly. This is the perfect way to calculate the commission for the sales force. If you own a company, or you are a sales manager, you should consider of using one.

This one that you can download below is a free and simple sales commission calculator created in excel. You can customize it to suit your company’s need. You can put more excel formulas, add more columns, colorize its layout etc. Different companies should implement different type of commission. By implementing your company’s commission scheme into this template, you will understand how much you will earn as a sales.

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