Soccer League Creator

Do you want to run a league of soccer? It is probably big idea to celebrate special days of your organization. You may be able to run this plan when winter has offered and people are more ready to play some physical games. If in your city, you can find some soccer clubs, it is probably a good idea to gather them in a league. It should not always be the same with the international competition, but at least you can make it look professional by creating the competition template. The usual small league can be turned into something more exciting if you plan it much well.

Soccer League Creator Template for Excel

Soccer League Creator

Creating the soccer league template is not the same with simple display of participating teams, winning scores and final results. It can be made in better layout which allows readers to see how the competition is going. And they will even make predictions of the winning team. To create the template, you can use the international soccer league as reference, for example Italy Serie A, English Premier League, or Spanish La Liga. You can modify it, or directly use it if the layout is suitable with your plan about this competition. Besides for real league, the template can be used for playstation or xbox competition.

This Soccer League Creator is created using MS Excel 2007. Just set your parameters in setup worksheet (number of teams, team’s names, select competition type etc) then you can have your own schedule and scoresheet for your soccer league.

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