Sport Tournament Bracket Creator

Do you want to organize sport event using single or double elimination system? Or are you a sport event organizer who wants to find easier elimination bracket template? Sport Tournament Elimination Bracket Creator is a very helpful tool for organizing sport tournament using a single or double elimination bracket system rule. The tool is consisting of elimination brackets that will help you to place automatically player/team names in respective position. Also generating match schedules based on number of venues, time interval between each matches, and starting date and time.

Tournament Bracket Creator - Excel

Tournament Bracket Creator

The rule in the single elimination is that any players will be eliminated after losing at any rounds, while in the double elimination rule any players will be eliminated if lose twice. In single elimination rule, the rule is the most common and widely used bracket system for tournaments because of the simplicity and not time consuming. But for double elimination rule, it’s usually used for small number of players when the event organizers think more about their show. Yet, it gives some players more chances to develop further in the tournament if they unluckily lose in the beginning of the rounds.

Below is the free version of sport tournament bracket creator you can try before deciding to purchase the full version. The free version will allow you to accommodate up to 16 players for single elimination bracket and up to 8 for double elimination bracket. And you can try these features as well,

Automatic Pairing Matches Generator
Once you have typed your team/player names in the team/player table, the excel formula will automatically put the names in the respective brackets. By switching team/player names in the table, you can change the first round pairing matches. When you update the scores, winners (in single and double elimination bracket) and losers (in double elimination bracket only) will automatically appear in the next round bracket.

Automatic Match Scheduler
The automatic match scheduler will help you to set automatically some parameters including starting date of the tournament, starting time of the tournament each day, number of used venues, maximum usage of each venues a day, and time interval between matches at the same venues a day.

And if satisfied with this free version and want to accommodate more players, you can purchase the full version, where you can expand a single elimination bracket up to 128 players and a double elimination bracket up to 64 players.
And with the full version, you will be allowed to change the layout and excel code to fit your own needs.

What kind of Sport Types that Fit with this Spreadsheet?
These spreadsheets are suitable with any kind of sports that apply single score, best of three and best of five matches system, like tennis, tennis table, volley ball, soccer, badminton, squash, basketball and many more.

Why Is It Worth?
Sport Tournament Elimination Bracket Creator has already equipped with automatic scheduler so you can arrange all the elimination matches time from the first until final round matches faster, so you can save more of your time. Double elimination spreadsheet already set with win-loss placement algorithm so you don’t have to think about organizing pairing matches between winner and loser players.
Moreover, the tool is created using Microsoft Excel that give more ease for anyone to use the software directly for any computer operating system without additional software, except a minimum Excel 2007.

  Single Elimination Bracket for Soccer - Basketball (457.4 KiB, 510 hits)

  Single Elimination Bracket for Tennis (451.7 KiB, 504 hits)

  Double Elimination Bracket for Wrestling (419.9 KiB, 503 hits)

  Double Elimination Bracket for Tennis - Badminton (420.9 KiB, 533 hits)

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