Student Attendance Record Template


Giving the students tests is one of the ways to evaluate their academic progress. As a teacher, you must know this well. You are also able to give them take-home assignments. But you can’t just offer them whatever possible tasks to ask them do it. The given assignments have to be suited with the standard curriculum. However, there is one more essential matter to think of before you submit the academic progress report to the authorized party.

Student Attendance Record Template for Excel

Student Attendance Record Template

It is the student attendance. For formal education, the attendance of students plays essential role on their academic report. It is not enough for a student to stay performing well on the class by earning the best score among of his friends. He also has to complete the minimum attendance requirement. There may be available students attendance record included into the class inventory. But, you are still able to make your own record by printing the supporting student attendance form. You may able to make the report weekly and monthly, based on your needs. Having the form like this will also allow you do the right attendance recording from one class to another.

It does not take much effort to create the student attendance report. You can download the student attendance record template in excel here. There are 2 spreadsheets, weekly and monthly attendance record spreadsheet.  Each of the days in those spreadsheets can be filled with the information whether the related student is present, tardy, excused or unexcused.

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