Weekly Meal Planner Template

How do you prepare your meal every day? Do you make a weekly plan for what you are going to cook and what you are going to eat every day? Many people do this for numerous reasons such as for practicality, and some others use it to control the amount of calories that goes in their body every day. Making this kind of plan can help those who are on a diet and in the need to control their daily intake.

Weekly Meal Planner Template for Excel

Weekly Meal Planner Template

You also can do this. It is simply a record of what you plan to eat for the whole week, starting from breakfast, lunch, to dinner and snack time. To make it even more informative, you need to put the calories and fat which are contained in each menu.  Summarize it and you will get the total calories and fat that you consume everyday.  It can also be used to count the total calories and fat consumed in a whole week.

You do not need to make it by yourself because you can use this weekly meal planner template. You can use it for personal use or maybe you like to use it for the whole family members. If you also plan to make a cookbook, you can use this helpful template because it will guide you to know the amount of calories that you will consume.

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