2023 Rugby World Cup Predictor Game Template

If you like to play prediction game among your friends, relatives or colleagues, then you might like this prediction game template. It is created for 2023 Rugby World Cup that will be held in France from 8th September – 28th October 2023.

There are several options you can choose in this spreadsheet. You can set it as a one time prediction game or as a real match prediction game. If you set it as a one time prediction game, you can collect prediction from all of players once, type it in Players Prediction worksheet and then see their point and standing progress every time one match is completed. Equipped with separate winners and runner ups formulas for each players, players that have different qualified team results could be eliminated.

If you choose to apply the latter, you have to collect prediction at least before one game is started. Players can continue the game until final match even though their group stages prediction produced different winners and runner ups compared with real results, because this option is based on real matches. It is up to you to select the method that may suit your needs.

There are 20 countries distributed into 4 pools. Top two from each group will advance to KO rounds. Eight teams will fight in quarterfinals to become this year champion. South Africa is the reigning champion. Will they defend their title? You will get the answer by 28th October 2023. One of your players, may be yourself, might predict the champion correctly.

If you are ever using the previous template for Soccer tournament, you will find that there Tries score fields to enter other scores to be considered as tie-breaker parameters.

There are other bonus points you can implement in your sweepstakes. Download 2023 Rugby World Cup Office Pool template below to learn more about this sweepstakes rules and options. You can use the paid version to extend players up to 100 players.

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