2023 Rugby World Cup Schedule and Scoresheet

If you are looking for an excel template to see 2023 Rugby World Cup Schedule, you can download this template. It is not just a schedule but also a scoresheet where you can type this World Cup tournament score result and see the group standings adjusted automatically in its group table.

This excel template used specific combination formulas to make the automatic group rank follow this tournament regulation. When all of group matches are completed, you can continue to follow typing your score in its knock out bracket. And certain cells are equipped with conditional formatting formulas where their font and background colors will be changed based on your typing scores. It is a nice looking template though. You can print it in one piece of paper and write your score in it.

The tournament itself will be held in France, start from 8th September and end in 28th November 2023. 20 Countries will be participated in this tournament where they are divided into 4 groups of 5 countries. If you want to adjust its date and time to fit your city time zone, you can type it in respective cell directly. If you want more customization, you can visit its website and purchase the commercial one. It will let you customize all and also you can duplicate it for next Rugby World Cup tournament or similar tournament that has the same number of groups as well as the same regulation.

Play around with this excel spreadsheet below to get used on how to use it. You can fill it with dummy scores before you fill with real score results. Furthermore, there is a 2023 Rugby World Cup Predictor Game version that you can download and use. It should be fun playing prediction game with your friends, isn’t it? There are leaderboard formulas that can help you tracking your and your friend ranks everytime one game is finished.

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