Copa America 2021 Fixtures

Copa America 2021 Schedule

The 2021 Copa América is CONMEBOL tournament that will take place in Brazil from 13 June to 10 July 2021. The tournament was originally scheduled to take place in year 2020 as the 2020 Copa América. But, CONMEBOL announced that due to the COVID-19 pandemic in South America, the tournament had been postponed for a year to 2021. Also, CONMEBOL changed hosts just two weeks before the tournament is started. The tournament is supposed to be hosted by Argentina and Colombia before different national issues arises in those countries that prevent them to hold the tournament as scheduled.

Furthermore, there are changes in number of participants. There are only 10 countries, all from South America, that will participated in this tournament from the original participants of 12 countries. Because of those changes, tournament format is also changed. There are only two groups. Each group consists 5 countries. Top 4 countries from each groups will qualify to the knock out rounds.

The 2019 Champion, Brazil, is in Group B. All participants are as follows

  • Group A : Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia
  • Group B : Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador

Coincidentally, this tournament is held at the same time as Euro 2020. So, people around the world can watch two football biggest tournaments at the same time.

Copa America 2021 Schedule Template [Updated schedule with Brazil as host]

This template consists schedule that you can edit to match with your timezone and language. You can also retype the language if you couldn’t found your own. Adjusting time by add or subtract hours from respective time field.

Furthermore, it has built-in formula that will calculate group standings automatically. Also, teams in knock out rounds will be placed in respective brackets automatically. So, you don’t have to adjust them manually. All you have to do just filling the scores. Before you put the actual scores, you can play with your own prediction scores in Copa America 2021 Schedule and Scoresheet template.

If you are interested to play prediction game with your friends, relative or colleagues, you may try the predictor game version below.

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