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World Cup 2022 Predictor Game Template

The most popular Excel predictor game is back! Introduced in 2010 to accompany fans playing prediction game in World Cup 2010, it has evolved into the feature-rich but simple predictor game for any fans around the world.

For you who just use it for the first time, it is a predictor game template you can use to play prediction game with your friends, relatives and colleagues. There are plenty of options you can choose to suit your own game regulation. You can use it as a score prediction game (just predict match scores) or as a set and forget prediction game (KO teams will follow players prediction). Players get points for all correct prediction, where you can award point for exactly or nearest match prediction.

To compensate losing scores because of incorrect team pairing matches in set and forget game, you can choose up to 15 bonus points criteria where players can get those bonus points if their prediction met its criteria. Filling scores is very simple. The organizer can copy and paste scores into particular player table in one worksheet where points will be shown automatically every time actual result scores are filled. They are all in one single worksheet.

Separate Participant Table

World Cup 2022 Predictor Game - Player List

In previous World Cup predictor games, the organizer has to fill player names in scoreboard table. The author has received feedback to separate player table where they can add more information about those participants. In this World Cup 2022 Predictor Game you can put player names in separate table and also add starting point, entry fee and other information you need about your participants.

Single Game Board for Actual and Prediction Scores

World Cup 2022 Predictor Game - Player Prediction Board

This is the main worksheet of World Cup 2022 Predictor Game. You fill player’s prediction as well as actual results here. Points are also calculated in this worksheet. If you are using the paid version, you can copy prediction scores from separate player’s prediction sheet. If you are using the free version, you can type it inside score fields directly, or copy and paste from World Cup 2022 schedule template.

Scoreboard and Prediction Summary

World Cup 2022 Predictor Game - Scoreboard

This is the board where you can see prediction summary from all of your players. You can see it in point summary and score prediction summary. You can also see top 3 predicted scores of each matches on top of score prediction summary table.


World Cup 2022 Predictor Game - Leaderboard

Players are ranked here. They will be ranked by tie-breaker regulation as follows :

  • Total points (match + bonus points)
  • Total correct prediction
  • Higher total match points
  • Entry order in player scoreboard table

And, there are last 5 earning match points to give you brief info about last 5 of your player’s performances. Just like seeing last 5 match results in league table.

Here is the free version of FIFA World Cup 2022 Predictor Game Template. You can use for 10 players only. Also, features are limited. You may need the premium version to accommodate more players and use all available features. If you are looking office pool version for Women’s World Cup, you can get it in 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Predictor game template post.

Some of you might want to organize prediction game from Knock Out round. Or, just missed to organize it from the first date of the tournament. If that’s your case, you can use another predictor game template where you can organize it from Knock Out round. In the paid version, you can choose one of three available spreadsheets with three different scenario. Those three scenarios are : All KO matches are actual matches, all KO matches are predicted matches and combination of actual matches in Round of 16 and predicted matches in quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. Here is the Demo version

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