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Baby Growth Chart Template

Use this baby growth chart template to track and monitor growth of your baby. There are formulas that will pull your baby’s data and map them into a reference chart. The formula will draw the line where you can your baby’s line among other babies. Data reference in this chart is based on WHO and CDC data.

A baby is wonderful gift the parents can ever have. Therefore, they always want to witness every change happening to the little angel. It is including the growth. Are you a new mom or dad who is looking for a little help to track your son growth day by day? It is true that you can just make sure to not miss visiting the child health care center to measure his height and weight. However, you probably need a simple tool for making a personal record too.

Finding the reference of Baby Growth Chart template is a piece of cake. It is true that you can find many but this one will let you do the simple tracking and reading using Microsoft Excel.

Baby Growth Chart Template

This template consists of three worksheets. They are baby information, where you have to put your baby weight and height information on particular day until he/she reach age 24 months, weight chart and height chart. There are two versions you can use. Metric version and Imperial version.

On the baby information worksheet, you can fill it with the name, birth date and first measurement of height and weight of your baby after being delivered. Continue typing the progress of your baby weight and height in related cells. See the progress line, compare with other babies data who have been statistically measured by experts, in chart. But, remember that all information in chart is only based on statistic.

Always consult with your doctor if you need more objective advises.

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