Employee Database Manager

Employee Database Manager is an Excel Spreadsheet to organize employee database on your company. It uses Microsoft Excel. It is developed to help you, who are not expert in programming but familiar with Excel, organizing your employees without spending time to much on manual side.

This database manager is a simple but should solve your issues. There are two worksheets inside this spreadsheet.

First worksheet, is a database worksheet. Write employee database category at the left side of the table. The second column onward will become columns to entry employee data. Each column corresponds to each employee. By having them arranged like this, their data can be search easily either using VLOOKUP or INDEX&MATCH functions, especially if you have hundreds of employees or have high turnover rate. Also, you can use it for applicant database to ease you on recruitment process.

You can put as many category as you want in this model. Just write it to the bottom. In the spreadsheet, there are samples of categories grouped into bigger category. Use the Group function from Excel. You can expand and shrink particular category using the top left number (1 or 2) while working in this worksheet.

Second worksheet, is a search worksheet. You can this worksheet to search for particular employee to get their information quickly. The idea is to have a box where you can type your employee data record to get particular employee data.

By having them recorded in this type of table, you can process any employee information easily. You can integrate with your attendance data, you can compare their salaries, or do anything easily. Just learn the formulas inside the spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet is fully editable. Once you learn on how understand how the formula works, you can modify them easily. Also, you can add more worksheets to make all of your employee information within one spreadsheet.

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