Chinese Baby Gender Chart Template

Chinese Gender Chart

Chinese gender chart was found in a royal tomb more than 700 years ago. In that period, it was used as a statistic table to predict the birth gender. It was probably a kind of an ancient USG machine. Now it is kept by the Institute of Science and is treated as a kind of modern spreadsheet to predict and plan the gender of people who were born as Chinese. This Chinese gender chart is a summary in Excel format to help you doing what Chinese people doing in the past.

It is a simple spreadsheet, though.

In recent times, predicting and planning the gender of your children become much easier. This Chinese gender chart below is created in excel. There is a conditional formatting function which will take you to see the gender of your baby with ease. Just fill the parameter required (mother age at conception and conception month) and you’re done.

If you use that chart, will you believe in the result shown? Well, we cannot tell you whether the chart is accurate or not. Some people claim the accuracy is close to 90%. But, we do believe that it will be better if you consult with the doctor and choose not to put your 100 % belief in that kind of chart. However, if you just want to play around with the chart, then you can use it as a reference. You can check whether the gender of your child is the same as it is designated by the chart.

At the end, if you plan to become a good parent, just make sure that you have prepared everything to your newborn baby. Do not make baby’s gender as an issue. Boy or Girl, is a gift from God. Raise them to become a good person and teach them to survive in this World.

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