Employee Vacation Planner Template

Employee Vacation Planner

Employee Vacation Planner will help companies to plan and track vacation of their employees. This is essential for both the companies and the management, to know the days they can take vacation. It is right for employee to get vacation, and the duty of the management to give their workers getting day off. With this tracker, the management can set up, plan, and track the day off while seeing the monthly summary. The summary of each company will be different. You can create your own report and customize the template based on what you need.

To use this spreadsheet, you must have Microsoft Excel with a minimum 2007 version for Windows and 2008 version for Mac. You can start it by filling the company fiscal year, and select the attendance observation period in the next cell of the fiscal year. You will have two options, today fiscal year or the end of fiscal year. This is used to calculate the employees’ number of working days. Later, you can customize your vacation and holiday codes. The non-working days will stay in dark blue color.
Employee Vacation Planner

Employee Vacation Planner

To track the vacation taken, you need to type your employees’ names and its IDs, their hired date, and also their resignation date. If you have many departments in one office, you also can type each employee’s department in it. Also fill information on employee’s working hour in a day, and vacation allocation for one year.

There are some benefits that the company gets when they give day off for the employees for holidays. One main benefit is that company does not need to pay the employees for the holiday. It is a must for company to give day off for their employees. Yet, if you do not manage, plan, and coordinate the vacation allowance for the employees, your company may not work effectively. That is why planning the vacation of employees is important to do.

There are two consideration when you give your employees day off. The first one is the length of the vacation. Some employers will link the length of the vacation to the length of the time they have worked for you. Thus, for instance, if your employees already work for a year, they will get 10 days of day off. This can increase, based on the length of time they have worked with you. If they work for 10 years, for instance, you can add a week to their vacation.

The second consideration is whether the day off is at once or day by day. If you run small company, this is very important thing to think, since you also only has small number of employees. You need to arrange it well, so that you still can run the business well. It is better to give them one-time vacation. You can plan better, and schedule it easier. As manager, for instance, you can place the vacation when the business remains slow.

This excel vacation planner template will help you a lot. It saves your time, your effectiveness in running business, and also load of work to do.

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