EURO 2020/2021 The Last Man Standing Game

Euro 2020/2021 Last Man Standing Game Template

This is another version of Euro game spreadsheet that could accompany you watching Euro 2020/2021 tournament this June. Game regulation is simple. Similar with other last man standing game regulation. Players pick winning team from the first round until the final round. In this tournament, players pick winning team in 7 rounds. It should be easy and fun. Selecting 7 out of 24 participants. But, they cannot pick similar team. So, they can’t pick Euro champion in the first 6 round as one of the winning team.

You can use the free version of this spreadsheet for up to 10 players. Start using this Euro 2020/2021 last man standing game template by putting player name together with their team picks in Pick Board worksheet. You can ask players to pick team from round 1 to round 7 at once. Or, you can ask them to pick team in group stages first (3 rounds) and pick remaining teams based on actual matches in each rounds. Remember, if particular players have already pick all teams who play in semi finals, then they will be eliminated since they cannot pick those teams any more.

There is separate module, Matches worksheet, where you can put actual scores of each tournament matches. Round 1 to 3 cover 12 matches. Winning team from each matches will be shown in Winning Team column automatically.

Once particular rounds are completed, the formula in Leader Board worksheet will rank players automatically. The winner is the last man standing on top of the table. If there are more than one players are sharing similar standings, then they all will be crowned as champions.

The free version of Euro 2020/2021 last man standing game is protected. If you plan to hold a game event for more than 10 players, or use it as a Euro 2020/2021 wall chart game that you plan to put in your coffee shop or commercial stores, or even put a logo, you may purchase the fully editable version.

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