World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing Game

World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing Game

World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing Game is an Excel template to help you organize last man standing game for the upcoming World Cup 2022 football tournament event. Different from other prediction games, this type of game is unique. Why? Because it just requires you to predict winning team of each matches. But, you cannot pick similar team in different rounds. You must pick different winning team in each rounds. Furthermore, if your pick is lost, then you got eliminated. The last man standing is the last man who survived the last.

And, there are differences between playing Last Man Standing Game in League competition and Tournament competition. For example, if you play this game in English Premier League competition, you can pick 19 teams in 19 rounds in the first half of competition. Each rounds has the same number of matches, 10 matches.

It is a little bit tricky in tournament competition. The number of matches in each rounds become smaller, where the final rounds might consist only 1 match (final match only) or 2 matches (included 3rd place match). That’s why it is easier to predict from the final round backward.

World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing Game Arrangement

In this spreadsheet, all 64 matches are divided into 7 rounds.

  1. 1st Group Matches : 16 matches
  2. 2nd Group Matches : 16 matches
  3. 3rd Group Matches : 16 matches
  4. Round of 16 : 8 matches
  5. Quarter finals : 4 matches
  6. Semi finals : 2 matches
  7. 3rd Place and Final : 2 matches

As you see in above match distribution, predicting team who won the 7th round is your key to become the last man standing.

How to Use World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing Game Spreadsheet

It is simple. Here is the short instruction on how to use it.

  1. Set your player names in respective player table. You can fill with up to 100 players in paid version.
  2. Put your player’s pick in respective rounds. There are 7 columns. You can put your player’s pick there.
  3. Type actual scores in tournament worksheet. Every time you update the scores, winning team will be revealed automatically.
  4. Check leaderboard. This is the worksheet where you can check which players are still standings.

It seems you already know how it works. Try the free and demo version below to understand it more.

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