FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule and Scoresheet Template

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule Template

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule template is a feature-rich Excel template where you can view all schedules of upcoming World Cup 2022 tournament. It is not just a standard schedule. You can customize its timezone and language to your local timezone and language. Furthermore, you can use it as a scoresheet. Update the scores and the formula will adjust team standings within their respective groups automatically. The built-in formula will also continue to place teams in Knock Out brackets when all group matches are completed.

FIFA has just revised the schedule. Make sure you get the latest World Cup 2022 Schedule template.

World Cup 2022 is the biggest football tournament every four year where it will be held in Qatar. In normal circumstances, fans around the world should watch and talking about matches of the biggest football tournament in the world in month of June. Supporting their teams and flock between stadiums in about one month period. But, World Cup 2022 is unique. It is not held in June. It is held in November. Why? Because of the heat temperature. It is impossible to play football matches in Qatar even though Qatar has built new stadiums that implement high technology air conditioning system.

Because of that heat temperature issues, the event is shifted to start in November 21 November 20 and play its final match in December 18. Its period is shorter than usual. There are still 32 teams participated in this tournament. But, it will be the last. FIFA expands the number of teams to 48 teams in World Cup 2026.

By 11th August 2022, FIFA changed the match to open the tournament as well as its date. This is something that FIFA has never done before. With these changes, Qatar vs Ecuador will open the tournament on November 20th. It also affect Senegal vs Netherlands match. It is still in the same day, but 6 hours behind their original schedule.

For fans who are traveling to Qatar, they should be happy with stadium arrangement in this tournament. They are all within 35-mile radius from Doha, making it incredibly convenient to attend multiple matches without any needs to spend hours to reach those stadiums. Especially in KO rounds where stadium are based on their final group standings.

There are 8 groups where 32 teams will compete for 16 Knock Out rounds tickets. In Group A, hosts Qatar will compete against Ecuador, Senegal and the Netherlands. Group B has England, Iran, United States and Wales. In Group C, title contenders Argentina lead the charge against Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland. Group D has France, Australia, Denmark and Tunisia.

Group E will have Spain against Costa Rica, Germany and Japan. Group F has Belgium, Canada, Morocco and Croatia. Brazil leads Group G against Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon. Last but not least, Ronaldo’s Portugal leads Group H against Uruguay, Ghana and the Republic of Korea.

National teams in bold above are teams that have higher chances to win the World Cup. They are seeded from Pot 1 in FIFA group drawings. And you know what, the last 6 champions from 6 previous World Cups are coming from Pot 1. The latest is France in World Cup 2018,

World Cup 2022 Schedule and Scoresheet with Automated Group Standings

This World Cup 2022 Schedule template is not just an ordinary excel template. It has group standings calculator that will calculate standings by results of any matches automatically. It follows official FIFA tie-breaker regulation. Here is the regulation

  1. Points obtained in all group matches;
  2. Goal difference in all group matches;
  3. Number of goals scored in all group matches;
  4. Points obtained in the matches played between the teams in question;
  5. Goal difference in the matches played between the teams in question;
  6. Number of goals scored in the matches played between the teams in question;
  7. Fair play points in all group matches (only one deduction can be applied to a player in a single match):
    • Yellow card: −1 point;
    • Indirect red card (second yellow card): −3 points;
    • Direct red card: −4 points;
    • Yellow card and direct red card: −5 points;
  8. Drawing of lots.

This World Cup 2022 Schedule spreadsheet will apply tie-breaker 1 – 6 automatically, while you need to fill fair play point in Team Setup worksheet if standings between teams in question need to go through tie-breaker 7. And, if it is still draw, you can overwrite team position group standing table automatically.

To use this spreadsheet is simple. Just open the spreadsheet and type the scores. You can play around with the scores as well. You can also translate the language to your own language by translating each available texts in its translation table. To change the timezone to your timezone, just select the difference between your timezone and Qatar timezone (-12 to +12). Date and time will be adjusted accordingly.

The author of World Cup 2022 Schedule template provides the premium version, with Letter and A3 paper size. It should fit you who want to add your business logo into the schedule, print it and put it in your cafe, restaurant, coffee shop or distribute it inside your travel brochures. You can also upload it into Googlesheets with your own business logo.

If you are looking for World Cup 2022 schedule where you can update scores together with its goal scorer, you may try this one. It already had official squads. All you have to do just updating the scores and select the goal scorer from respective dropdown list. All goal scorers will be sorted based on number of goals to form top scorer list.

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