UEFA Europa League Fixtures and Scoresheet Template

UEFA Europa League 2022/2023 Schedule Template

This Europa League 2022/2023 schedule template is a smart spreadsheet where you can use to see schedule and track progress of each teams. Just enter scores in respective score fields and all group standings will be adjusted automatically. Also, there are Knock Out tables to ease you pairing teams based on UEFA drawing lots.

Europa League is the second tier tournament after Champions League tournament. Usually, their participants are teams who failed to qualify for Champions League tournament.

There was a major change implemented in Europa League 2021/2022 season that will be carried forward to 2022/2023 season. Number of teams are reduced from 48 to 32 teams due to the new and the third UEFA league tournament, UEFA Conference League tournament. With these changes, all three UEFA tournaments will have similar formats. Group stages with 32 teams. And like Champions League, the third-place teams in Europa League will continue their journey in Europa Conference League.

Similar with previous seasons, third-place teams from Champions League will participate in Knock Out rounds. Except, they will face runner ups of each groups in Play-Off matches to fight for Round of 16 places.

Europa League 2022/2023 Tournament

Eintracht Frankfurt, winner of previous season won’t have a chance to defend its title from the beginning since they will compete in Champions League. Also, no Glasgow Rangers, last year finalist, in group stages. Both teams can compete in this tournament if they failed to qualify to round of 16 in Champions League and ranks third in their respective groups.

Teams who ranks in the third-place will also have a chance to become Champion in the new Europa Conference League tournament. They will play Play-Off matches with particular group runner ups.

Europa League 2022/2023 Schedule and Scoresheet

When you open this spreadsheet, you will get one worksheet with all matches within one worksheet. The first part is group stage part. You can fill scores in respective score boxes. You don’t need to select teams since they are all have been set. Group standings will be adjusted after you input scores automatically.

After group matches are completed, all qualified teams will be shown in Group Winner and Runner Ups table. They are automatic as well. Before pairing them, you need to put teams from Champions League in respective table. Then, you can pair them with group runner ups by UEFA drawings in the above section of Knock Out round part. Qualified teams will be shown in respective tables at the right side. Continue pairing them until final.

You can play around with this Europa League 2022/2023 spreadsheet before you fill it with actual scores.

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